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The Blue Planet kit includes free lifetime registration and customer service. The kit contains a Medical ID Card, 2 Medical Alert tags to use on keychains or attach to shoes, 1 stainless steel cable to attach to an item of personal property or use as a key chain, plus a refrigerator magnet to alert first responders during home emergencies. Additional add-on tags are available optionally. Our tags are also much more durable and will last for many years unlike the cheap plastic tags provided by the competition.

All the items include a QR Code that can be read by mobile telephones and will automatically take first responders to your personal alert page containing medical information. The items also include the URL should a first responder not have a QR Code reader. If for any reason they can't access the site, we also provide a direct dial and 800 Toll Free number to obtain the emergency information. Our competition relies upon a web site only and has no live customer service, nor do they have the years of experience that Blue Planet has in personal security.

The competition allows you to password protect your page, which rather defeats the entire purpose of the system. First responders need information immediately. However, to maintain your privacy, no personal identification information is provided on the emergency medical page. We do provide blood type, race, age, height and weight as these factors can be important in determining medicine doses and for related decisions. We provide the first name, so the first responders know how to address the person if no other identification information is available (which could happen in a home burglary, mugging and other crimes.) We also provide martial status. This information is strictly optional, it is entirely up to you what information is provided.

Further, we allow you to provide additional information for law enforcement should you desire to do so, such as restraining orders. You can also provide additional information such as place of employment with contact information. You can provide plate and descriptive information on your vehicle or other transportation. This can give the police a jump start in the case of personal injury from a criminal act. You have the option of including any or all of this information on the pasword protected page. It is your decision.

The QR Code and the URL takes first responders directly to a SSL Secure page with your emergency information. This information is maintained on a secure site at a different and shorter URL from this, our sales site. The data site is blocked from robots and is otherwise maintained with a low profile and on dedicated equipment.

In addition to the emergency medical information, you can complete a second page of contact information that is password protected and in a different server location from the accessible page. The second page allows you to provide next of kin, if someone has a medical power of attorney, insurance or Medicare information and other information that law enforcement or a hospital would need after the emergency is over and the patient is stabilized. This is done in such a way that the owner is not identified. For instance, you can provide the name of the primary care physician and contact information for the doctor, together with the account number. The account number will let the doctor know who the patient is without revealing the patient's identity.

This personal information is on a secure SSL server and is protected by a username and password. Access is only given to medical professionals and law enforcement after positive confirmation of their identity by our emergency alert security section.

Unlike the competition, we make certain that first responders quickly get the information they need without compromising identity. Then, should additional information be needed, they are provided access to that only after confirmation of identity.

Our medical alert system offers much more than the competition, but is the same price at only $19.95. This is a one time fee, there is never a renewal charge or annual fee.

About the QR-code:

The QR-code we use is different in important ways from the competition and similar products.

Illustrated in a medical alert bracelet with a QR-code. Here is the problem with that bracelet. It is engraved into metal with a laser and black powder is melted to give the image contrast. This is not cheap. The real problem is that the QR Code only takes the EMT to the companies web site. It is not possible to engrave every bracelet different to allow the smart phone reader application to take the EMT right to that client's information. The EMT then has to type in the long customer number (like they have that many customers) and then the pin. This is not efficient and is time consuming. Type one character wrong and you have to start all over.

The QR-code on this bracelet is also VERY small. This makes it more difficult to read and more difficult to read reliably. Because it is engraved into metal, contrast is a problem. These problems only increase in bad lighting conditions and at night. Blog commentators have reported scanning the codes of different bracelets (myIDband, Scan Med, etc.) 6 or more times before they could be read and only a very few qr-code reader programs would work. How many times is an EMT going to bother with it?

Our QR-code is custom produced and takes the phone right to your dedicated page. It is large, 1.5 x 1.5 inches printed in black against a white background which means it is easy to read. The URL to your page is printed right under the code, which can be typed in if necessary. You might have heard that QR-codes can store up to 4,000 bytes or characters of information. That is true, however, the down side is that the more information is stored, the less reliable reading the code becomes. The code becomes more dense and any error in reading it makes it fail to work.

We believe in keeping it simple. Our URL is 4 characters and the extension: Adding the necessary web info, it is The "s" indicates the page is encrypted by 256-bit SSL. Each customer code is only 4 characters, all in the format of lower case letter, number, lower case letter, number. The letters are never capitalized or UPPER CASE.

About USB Thumb Drives:

Some medical alert providers sell USB thumb drives with PC/MAC software to record your medical information. We considered this approach and rejected it. Chances that any EMT is going to look for or recognize it is very low and the odds of anyone have a phone or tablet that has a USB port is lower still. Finally, it is virtually impossible that any hospital is going to insert an unknown USB drive into one of their computers. In addition, thumb drives have a high failure rate and are going to have all sorts of issues when stored in a pocket for long periods. This type of a medical alert system is mostly worthless and gives a false sense of security.

GO TO Emergency Medical Alert REGISTRATION FORM (If you purchased a retail version.)

The Risk of Falling

The often cited statistics around fall prevention come from the Center for Disease Control: Seniors who fall tend to exercise less due to fear of another fall and this reduced activity causes a decrease in balance leading to a greater risk of falls in the future. About 40 percent of seniors fall each year and in the US that translates to 12 million people. MobileHelp notes in its announcement that according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, falls account for about 70 percent of the accidental deaths in the elderly population.

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